Welcome to Verona High School Class of 1962
Everyone who atttended our 50th reunion said it was a great event. Evident was a special bond among our classmates. Though we staged a three day event, many felt that there was just not enough time to touch base with old friends.
So, not needing much excuse to throw another party, we have begun planning a 70th birthday party for the Class of '62. Think of this as '70 going on 17'. And where else would you rather hang out than at the Jersey Shore!
  Please Note That We Have Changed The Date For The Party.
Where: Spring Lake, NJ
When: New Date: October 1-2, 2014
Spring Lake is an historic town. Victorian B&B's, art galleries, antique shops, beautiful lake. Quiet beach, sunrise coffee, sunset cocktails, fine dining. Summer crowds gone...ocean temp perfect. And best of all....lots of leisure time with friends, to reminisce, feel good, and to laugh out loud.
We need your feedback and first take on whether you think you will be attending this event. Please click on the 'RSVP for 70th Party' tab and let us know. We will keep you updated via email. Looking forward to seeing you there. Guaranteed Fun!
Best Regards,
Class of '62 Planning Committee
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